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In Class with Buck, Redmond, OR
From left:  Tamara, Terri, Rene, Buck, Laura, Nicki, Denise, Bea
Groundwork with Ricky
In Class with Buck, Arizona
Waiting for Buck
Inavale Horse Trials,  Philomath, Oregon 
No Words Necessary
Changing Eyes

This slide show illustrates changing eyes.  This helps the horse become more confident with objects moving from one eye, through the blind spot directly behind the horse, and then reappearing in the opposite eye.  Change eyes from right to left and then from left to right.
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Our equine model is "Dance the Lead"  aka Lilly
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  " Hooking On"

The process of "hooking " your horse on  is simply establishing yourself as a leader your horse can trust.  This process is accomplished best in a round pen or small corral, but can be done anywhere.  The purpose of the round pen is simply closing the gap between you and your horse. 

Lets get busy...take your horse to the pen and kick them loose.  Send your horse out at a good working walk.  It may be that your horse will do a lot more than walk and this is just fine.  Send them out, put them to work, but be looking for your horse to make an attempt to "get" with you.  This may be a subtle as the ear tipped in your direction, or looking at you out of one eye.  When you see this, the absolute second your horse is making a try, get soft and quiet.  Let your horse know he has found the answer.

It may take several tries on your horses part to really  understand what you are looking for, so make it kindergarten clear for him.  When he notices you, takes a look at you, take the heat and pressure off.  If he is looking away from you, looking out of the pen and not considering you,  add pressure.  Pressure is different for every horse.  Pressure and heat may be as little as shaking your flag or as much as sending  the coils of of your lass rope out at him to nip him on the hind quarters.  You have to decide. 

The end goal is to have your horse come still and face up on you, and as you step back to invite him in, he will learn to track up on you.  Eventually, depending on your feel, your horse should follow you around the pen giving you the trust and respect afforded to the leader of the herd. 

Remember to keep you body in a good position to help your horse.  Stepping up toward his eye will block him and stop his forward movement.  Staying behind his flank will drive him forward.  Be aware of the messages you are sending with your body and make the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult.

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Resource List
The following is a resource list that I think provides support for good horsemanship.  These works are an essential element of any well stocked library.

DVD's and Video

"Ground Work" 
by Buck Brannaman

"The Making of a Bridle Horse" 
by Buck Brannaman

"Back to the Beginning"
by Ray Hunt

"Colt Starting"
by Ray Hunt

"Feel, Timing & Balance"
by Tom Dorrance


"Ground Work"
by Buck Brannaman

"Think Harmony With Horses"
by Ray Hunt

"True Unity"
by Tom Dorrance

"True Horsemanship Through Feel"
by Bill Dorrance

"Getting in Touch"
by Linda Tellington-Jones

"Centered Riding"
by Sally Swift

"Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners"
by Cpt. M. Horace Hayes
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